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  • SANT PUBLICATIONS Organizes Conferences, Meetings, Summits and Workshops globally which help in strengthen the skills of the people and forms a common platform for preeminentpersonalities, professionals, Researchers, Deans, and Academicians. SANT PUBLICATIONS Journals are peer reviewed and collaborated journal aimed to publish the most interesting and complete reliable source of information on current developments in the field of Arts & Science, Management, Engineering & Technology.
  • SANT PUBLICATIONS Publish research articles in the prominent open access Journals that promote and globalize peculiar an innovation of researchers by publishing their scientific articles within the chronicles, journals and transactions of worldwide periodicals. This is an inventory of questionable, profound open-access Journals. We tend to suggest that research scholars to browse the reviews, assessments and descriptions provided here, so decide for themselves whether or not they need to submit articles, function editors or on editorial boards.

Scopus indexed journals

Scopus Q1 Engineering

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Scopus Q2 Engineering

ISSN: Scopus Q2 Engineering

Scopus Q3 Engineering

ISSN: Scopus Q3 Engineering

Scopus Q4 Engineering

ISSN: Scopus Q4 Engineering

Scopus Q1 Management

ISSN: Scopus Q1 Management

Scopus Q2 Management

ISSN: Scopus Q2 Management

Scopus Q3 Management

ISSN: Scopus Q3 Management

Scopus Q4 Management

ISSN: Scopus Q4 Management

Scopus Q1 Medical

ISSN: Scopus Q1 Medical

Scopus Q2 Medical

ISSN: Scopus Q2 Medical

Scopus Q3 Medical

ISSN: Scopus Q3 Medical

Scopus Q4 Medical

ISSN: Scopus Q4 Medical

SCIE indexed journals

SCIE Engineering

ISSN: SCIE Engineering

SCIE Medical

ISSN: SCIE Medical

SCIE Management

ISSN: SCIE Management

International Journal of Engineering and Technology

Sant Publications is a quality publication of international peer-reviewed and peer-reviewed journals from various fields of science, engineering and technology that emphasizes new research, development and its applications.
Sant Publications provides an open access research journal for scientists, researchers, academics and engineers to exchange their research work, technical notes and survey results among professionals around the world in electronic journals or print publications.

Journal of Engineering Research

Magazines are defined as newspapers or magazines that deal with a particular topic like medical science, life science, etc. or some professional activity. Journals can be of various types such as online publishing journals, research journals, paper journals, medical science journals, etc. The magazines are written by several people, but very few have the opportunity to publish them online on a very popular and worthy page. So here those people could have the opportunity to publish their own manuscripts with the help of Sant Publications. It organizes and hosts various national and international conferences, seminars, webinars and workshops attended by people from all over the world. Publishing an article in a magazine is never easy for one person and that is why Sant Publications can help to publish research articles in reputable journals.